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Quartech wanted to do something special for its leadership team to celebrate the achievement of a company milestone, significant in its 35 year history. I saw an opportunity to create an experience that went beyond just celebrating the milestone, but also encouraged and inspired the leadership team to continue pushing the company forward.


  • I had 3 weeks to conceptualize and execute “something special” to be presented to the leadership team at a strategic planning retreat scheduled for the end of the month.

  • The “special something” needed to be able to be easily transported to the retreat location and then setup with minimal fuss.

  • The budget for the project needing to be kept reasonable


To understand the core motivations behind the celebration, I started by trying to answer a few questions:

  • What have been some the company’s most important values in its 35 years?

  • What did the “35 in 35” milestone mean for the company in the big picture?

  • Who was the celebration trying to communicate to? and what was it trying to say?

  • What are the core motivations of the recipients? And how does the celebration relate to them?


While conceptualization I uncovered that this project wasn’t just about celebrating another corporate win. It needed to provide the space to tell a story of how far the company had come, the journey it had taken to arrive, to show appreciation for the people who’d worked tirelessly to bring the company there, and most importantly to create vision for the adventure yet to come. Keeping in mind the constraints on time and budget, I designed a gift box experience and brought in graphic designer Alex Suarez to help bring it to life.

The Celebration Gift Box

The idea was to present externally and internally interactive gift boxes to each member of the leadership team that would have the recipients name and year in which they came into the Quartech story. Inside each box would be consumable items associated with celebration and rest. A message would then explain the “35 in 35” campaign, thank the person for their role in bringing the company to where it was, and then inspire the recipient to imagine their role in taking the company even further.

Copy for the outside of the box

Copy for the outside of the box


Displayed all together, the boxes visually capture a timeline of Quartech leaders within a 35 year history and create a point of interaction between the recipients as they compare their dates with each others. Then individually each box contains a mini celebration for each recipient to enjoy in a relaxed setting, while thinking of their contributions within Quartech past and future